Tourist killed by suffering donkey.

As you are on vacation, you let yourself enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You put your kid and yourself on a donkeys taxi under the burning heat. And that without a helmet. But when your kid goes on his little bike you ask him to put a helmet.

 The way to Acropolis is not flat, full of stones.

Did you ever asked you if the donkey guides had First aid classes in case some people where injured ? Or just felt bad because of the heat on a waving donkey ?

Or if donkey guides had at least some notions of equine behaviours ? And equine needs ? Or equine care assistance in first aid ?

Because an injured equine can follow his path no matter what, and jump into the cliff.

Of you noticed, a lot of donkeys are not leaded by a rope and are left to your own right on the edge of the cliff...