Open letters 📝

Dear all,

I have learned with sadness and indignation that the situation of the donkeys in Lindos continues to be a matter of concern for the public. It is disheartening to know that despite the outcry from people all over, the mistreatment of these animals persists, particularly with their use for tours to the acropolis.

The daily suffering endured by these donkeys, subjected to harsh working conditions, goes against the principles of responsible and ecological tourism. The picturesque village of Lindos, known for its charm and beauty, should not be tainted by the presence of maltreated and poorly cared-for animals.

It is alarming to witness how some individuals disregard the well-being of these sensitive creatures, which are an essential part of Greek heritage. As proud inhabitants of Lindos and guardians of our traditions, we must unite to protect these animals and preserve our environment.

I urge the local authorities, veterinary services, and the entire Lindos community to take a firm stance against these distressing practices. Let us prioritize the welfare of the donkeys, allowing them to graze freely around the acropolis, while implementing more humane and ecologically sustainable means for tourists to visit this historical site.

The world is watching, and it is time to demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of the donkeys and the preservation of our beloved village. I hope that you will act swiftly to address this matter and respond to the call for change.

Looking forward to your prompt response,

Another version:

Dear inhabitants of the charming and picturesque village of Lindos, it is time to become aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and the animals that are part of our heritage. How can we accept to see waste left in nature and tolerate the mistreatment of donkeys used for visits to the acropolis? Responsible and ecological tourism should be our priority.

The daily suffering inflicted on these donkeys is unacceptable, and we must act to protect these sensitive animals. It is time to revolt against these alarming drifts and implement measures for sanitation and protection.

Veterinary services should alert the authorities about these health issues, as European laws exist to protect animals and the environment. Why are these laws not enforced, with penalties reaching up to 30,000 euros per violation?

It is time for the entire country, the authorities, and the residents to take concrete actions to improve the living conditions of the animals and preserve our environment. Let us envision a Lindos where donkeys can graze freely around the acropolis, while a simple funicular or other technical means would allow disabled individuals, such as wheelchair users, to visit this iconic site.

Together, as proud Greeks of our culture and traditions, let us show responsibility and compassion towards our cherished animals. Let us act now for tourism that respects nature and animal welfare, for the well-being of our community and our planet.