Subject: Complaint regarding the mistreatment of donkeys in Lindos


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the alarming situation of the donkeys in Lindos. This situation has persisted for several years and represents a tradition that should no longer be tolerated.

According to recent testimonies and investigations, the donkeys in Lindos are held in unbearable and miserable conditions, which do not comply with the European laws on animal detention. These innocent creatures are subjected to inhumane and cruel treatment, which is unacceptable.

Among the serious violations of these animals' rights, the following points can be highlighted along with alternative suggestions for improvement:

1. The donkeys are forced to work long hours under the sun and very high temperatures, leading to exhaustion and inadequate opportunities to hydrate and rest. 

Suggestion: Provide regular breaks and resting periods in shaded areas to ensure their well-being.

2. During the rest of the time, some are tied to trees with ropes around their necks or legs, which can cause serious injuries with consequences, discomfort and restrict their movement.

Suggestion: Use proper and comfortable halters or harnesses for their restraint to improve their comfort and mobility.

3. The donkeys do not have access to fresh water and are provided with unsanitary containers containing dead animals, posing health risks. 

Suggestion: Ensure clean and fresh water sources for the donkeys, and use hygienic water containers controlled daily.

4. Their diet is uncertain and inadequate, leading to potential nutritional deficiencies. 

Suggestion: Provide a balanced and nutritious diet suitable for their needs to promote better health.

5. The donkeys lack suitable shelter to protect themselves from adverse weather conditions, exposing them to discomfort and health risks. 

Suggestion: Create proper shelters or stables to shield the donkeys from harsh weather elements.

6. They are held in enclosures made of metal constructions from recycled inadequate materials, which can cause injuries and discomfort.

Suggestion: Design spacious and safe enclosures using natural materials such as wood and stone to improve their living conditions.

7. Many donkeys suffer from injuries around their eyes and noses due to the chains permanently attached to them.

Suggestion: Use removable and safe attachments for handling to prevent injuries and discomfort.

8. They are subjected to restrictive restraints, limiting their freedom of movement and natural behavior. Suggestion: Allow the donkeys more freedom of movement to improve their overall well-being. Like grazing freely around the Acropolis.

9. The signs of distress, depression, and physical discomfort in the donkeys are not adequately addressed. 

Suggestion: Provide proper veterinary care and attention to address any health issues promptly.

10. The donkeys are forced to carry excessively heavy loads on challenging paths, resulting in back and joint problems. 

Suggestion: Limit the weight of the loads and provide well-maintained paths to reduce the physical strain on the donkeys.

These alternative suggestions aim to address the current issues and ensure better treatment and care for the donkeys, promoting their overall welfare and well-being. Urgent action is needed to implement these improvements for the donkeys in Lindos.

We appeal to your intervention to put an end to this unacceptable situation and to take actions that will protect and enhance the lives of these animals.

Looking forward to your response and appropriate actions, I remain, dear Sir/Madam, yours faithfully.