Proposal: Establishment of an Action Group to Promote Respectful Coexistence in Greece

We propose the creation of an interdisciplinary group consisting of experts in animal welfare, sustainable tourism, and local development, in collaboration with representatives from local communities and animal protection organizations. This group will be tasked with developing concrete initiatives to improve the relationship between Greece, animal protection, and the development of ethical tourism.

Key Objectives:

1. Awareness: Implement awareness programs for local residents, tourists, and tourism professionals to promote respect for animals and raise awareness about the benefits of ethical tourism.


2. Legislation and Regulation: Develop specific regulations for animal welfare in the tourism sector, with a long-term goal of phasing out practices such as taxi-donkeys and horse-drawn carriages that may be detrimental to animal well-being.

3. Training: Provide training for tourism stakeholders, including guides, hoteliers, and restaurateurs, on best practices in ethical tourism and animal welfare.

4. Local Development: Encourage the creation of sustainable economic opportunities for local communities through activities related to ethical tourism, such as ecotourism, artisan workshops, and the sale of local products.

5. Global Example: Position Greece as a global model of ethical tourism by implementing innovative initiatives and sharing successes and insights with other tourist destinations.

One of the key aims is also to better formulate strategies to enhance gains for everyone involved. By collaborating with authorities, political parties, and relevant stakeholders, this action group aims to establish a respectful coexistence between animals, local communities, and visitors, while ensuring sustainable and ethical development of tourism in Greece.