To the authorities

Dear authorities of Lindos and Santorini villages,

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

I am writing to you with deep concern regarding the use of donkeys for tourist purposes in the beautiful villages of Lindos and Santorini in Greece. It is my duty to raise this issue, not only at the local level but also with the Greek authorities and the European Parliament, to highlight the urgency of taking measures to protect the welfare of animals and comply with European standards in this regard.

Greece undeniably holds a rich historical heritage, and some cultural traditions are an integral part of the national identity. However, it is crucial to recognize that certain practices, such as using donkeys for tourism, have become outdated and are incompatible with contemporary values of respect for animals and nature.

Over the years, the world has evolved and embraced a more responsible attitude towards animals. Unfortunately, the exploitation of donkeys for tourism is now regarded as an archaic and inhumane practice. Many countries and international organizations have denounced these practices for their cruelty towards animals and their disregard for the fundamental needs of these innocent creatures.

Reports and studies conducted by individuals and associations from different countries have revealed cases of mistreatment and neglect of donkeys used in the tourist industry. These animals are often overloaded, forced to carry excessive burdens in harsh weather conditions, throughout long time of day, with inadequate access to water and food, and insufficient rest. This must stop.

As a popular tourist destination, Greece should be at the forefront of responsible and eco-friendly tourism. It is essential to consider the impact of our actions on nature and its treasures. The well-being of animals and the preservation of the environment should not be sacrificed in the name of tourism.

Therefore, we, citizens from around the world, urge you, as authorities of Lindos and Santorini villages, and as Members of the European Parliament, to take immediate action to end the use of donkeys for tourist purposes in Greece. Instead, consider more animal-friendly alternatives, such as guided walking tours or motorized transportation, while preserving the essence of the cultural experience you wish to offer to visitors.

We also encourage you to raise awareness among the local population and visitors about animal welfare issues and the importance of preserving the natural balance of this environment.

Finally, we seek the support of the European Parliament to encourage and assist Greece in upgrading its animal protection standards to align with European norms. It is time for Europe to set an example of responsible and ecological tourism, ensuring the protection of its natural treasures and respecting the dignity of all living beings that share this earth with us.

Hoping for a swift awareness and action from your side, we kindly request your attention to this matter.