Concern Goal

 Subject: Urgent Call to End the Use of Donkeys and Horses in Touristic Transport

Dear concerned parties,

I hope this message reaches you with a sense of urgency and deep concern for the welfare of animals in the tourism industry. We are writing to address a pressing and distressing issue that demands immediate attention – the continued use of donkeys and horses in touristic transport, despite numerous cases of tragic deaths due to mistreatment.

As advocates for animal welfare and compassionate travelers, we cannot turn a blind eye to the alarming reports of mistreatment and fatalities suffered by these gentle creatures. The current practices of overworking, overloading, and subjecting donkeys and horses to harsh conditions have resulted in devastating consequences, causing suffering and loss of life.

The European Commission's website on animal welfare emphasizes the need to treat animals with respect and consideration in all human activities. It is evident that the present state of affairs regarding touristic transport involving donkeys and horses is gravely inconsistent with these principles. We, as responsible individuals within the tourism industry, must take immediate action to rectify this situation.

We urgently call upon all stakeholders involved, including travel agencies, tour operators, and local authorities, to put an immediate end to the use of donkeys and horses for touristic purposes. It is high time that we replace these outdated and inhumane practices with more ethical and sustainable alternatives.

By doing so, we not only demonstrate our commitment to animal welfare but also send a strong message to tourists worldwide – a message that we prioritize the well-being and dignity of all living beings. This shift towards more compassionate tourism will not only protect animals from unnecessary suffering but will also enhance the reputation of our industry and foster a deeper connection with conscious travelers.

We understand that implementing change requires effort and collaboration, but the urgency of this matter leaves us with no time to spare. We urge you to swiftly consider viable alternatives for touristic transport that prioritize the welfare and safety of animals.

Let us join hands in paving the way towards a more compassionate and responsible tourism industry – an industry that leads by example and sets the standard for ethical practices.

Together, we can prevent further tragedies and create a brighter future where animals are treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.

Thank you for taking this matter seriously, and we look forward to your proactive response and commitment to this urgent cause.